Service Of Core Humanity is a platform, providing an opportunity to convert your IDEA into INITIATIVE. is an entity driven by its vision of creating an ecosystem in the community we live in to foster education, awareness, relief, aid and welfare for the overall well-being of humanity at large without boundaries.

What is SOCH?



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Relief & Aid

Helping needy affected by man or nature caused disasters

Health & Welfare

Providing resources for social, economic and physical well-being

Awareness & Alliance

Fostering awareness through education to enrich knowledge, values, and wisdom

Equality & Oneness

Transforming humanity by breaking man-made boundaries

OUR WORK Volunteers Making A Difference

RELIEF & AID believes that If you cannot help many people, just start by helping one. Lending yourself to needy makes one more sustained personality Helping man or nature caused disaster

Food drive & food bank

Feeding homeless in Seattle:

  • Recurring program run from last 3 years
  • Serving men, women & family shelter
  • 100+ people fed at least twice a week

Prisoner Welfare

Prayer services for detainees at Tacoma detention center WA.

  • Recurring weekly prayers running from last 5 years
  • First group to be allowed to serve langer inside Jail on Vaisakhi

Syrian refugee kids- blanket drive

Relief & Aid drive for Syrian refugee kids:

  • 850 blankets + sleeping bags
  • Shipping cost for a 40 ft container containing baby, mother and female products
  • Fundraising and awareness camp for 3 weeks

HEALTH & WELFARE believes in complete social, economic and physical well-being for everyone on this planet earth. This initiative brings free medical and overall well being to humanity in general.

Free comprehensive medical camps- biannually

Health Screenings, Dental, Vision, Mammograms, Flu-Shots:

  • Biannual program running from last 6 years
  • 50-60 Volunteers
  • Over 1000 beneficiaries

Fighting cancer with Susan G Komen

Annual event for fighting cancer by fund raising and active participation in race / walk:

  • Ongoing annual event for last 5 years
  • Largest non-profit organization to raise funds and participate in race
  • Awarded and retained # 1 position for last 3 years

Blood-drives with Bloodworks NW

Blood-drives organized from last 5 years:

  • Biannual event in partnership with Blood Works North west
  • Average 40+ blood donation points per drive
  • 200+ lives saved and counting...


Knowing the unknown is the best moment of one's life. Awareness through education is a tool for enriching knowledge, values and wisdom. We believe in education to foster oneness among all us to serve humanity.

Computer programming classes for kids

Give your kid(s) a platform to learn computer programming in a fun environment

  • Develop games and demonstrate your ideas by the use of digital media
  • Age 7 and up
  • Classes to begin in March 2017

Toastmaster (Public Speaking) classes for kids

  • Toastmaster partner program running from last 3 years
  • 3 students out of the class topped nation-wide

Primefactor math classes for kids

Primefactor math classes for kids:

  • Ongoing annual event for last 3 years
  • UW teachers / professors volunteering

Punjabi language classes for kids

Ongoing for last 5 years


We at believe that every individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less favorably in any area of life. We believe in transformation which can break all man-made boundaries (Race, religion and language)

Anti-oppression workshops for kids

Kids are often subject to bullying based on their appearance, ethnicity, color or language. in partnership with API Chaya and Sikh Collation developed a workshop to develop skills within youth to handle and overcome oppression:

  • Ongoing program from last 3 years
  • Giving knowledge and tools to youth

MEET US (Service of core humanity) provides tools to all age groups through education and awareness, enables building collaborative partnership of resources and programs with institutions and individuals to serve humanity, aids available skills and resources for needy, delivers welfare to underprivileged, fosters healthy society through physical and spiritual well-being programs as well as brings people together from diverse walks of life, creating an inspirational environment for the youth to develop programs for better future.